I love it when couples want to include a space that’s significant to them. When chatting through engagement session location options with Taj & Justin, they expressed a desire to incorporate the space they've built together - their homestead. With acres of farmland, forest, and pastures, their homestead not only provided a stunning backdrop but also held deep sentimental value for both of them.

For the engagement session, we wandered through their expansive fields, where we stumbled upon a few hunting platforms and a whimsical tree swing. We meandered through their forests, crossing a frozen stream, each step unveiling a new facet of their shared world.

Winter Engagement Session

There’s a certain magic that envelops winter engagement sessions. Winter brings out a playful spirit in people, and the landscapes, cloaked in pristine snow, offer a captivating allure. So that’s what we did - we frolicked in the snow-covered fields and through the enchanting forests. And we played with Taj & Justin's beloved animals, from the majestic Highland cows to their graceful horses, clucking chickens, and spirited goats. These quirky creatures added an extra layer of charm to the session, gleefully stealing the spotlight whenever they could.

At-home engagement sessions possess a unique charm and are a significant part of your shared identity as a couple. There's an undeniable intimacy that comes with being surrounded by the familiar comforts of home, allowing for moments of genuine connection and authenticity to unfold effortlessly.

So whether you live on a homestead, hobby farm or high-rise condo - think of the ways you would want to capture your space, so that you can cherish these memories forever.

Ready to celebrate your engagement? Shoot me a message and let’s find out what we can create together.