Hey there, nice to meet you.

I'm Olivia, engagement, elopement and wedding photographer. I specialize in small, intimate weddings. When I'm not behind the camera - wait, I don't think I'm ever not behind a camera - you can find me travelling and exploring the outdoors with my Sheepadoodle, Aurora.

As a type-A planner, I appreciate all the passion and details couples put into their wedding and absolutely love taking photos of it all.

I started my career as a photojournalist and even picked up a couple of awards for it. Through photojournalism, I found that I loved taking photos of people as well as landscape and travel photography. But people make the best subjects.

Photography is key to creating lasting memories of your elopement or small wedding so that you can cherish it with your family for years to come.

I'm sure ever since you and your partner got engaged you've heard, "It's your big day!" over and over again. And while that it true, wedding planning and execution can be stressful for many happy couples.

When it comes to your wedding photography, I don't want you to worry anymore. My wish is that, through my three-step process, you'll end up with some of your favourite photos from your big day, ones that you'll cherish forever.

Step One

After you fill out the contact form, I'll follow up with you to talk through all your plans and ideas. I can answer all the questions you might have. Reserve your date with me and I'll send over a contract. We'll be in touch before your big day to solidify details. Start the countdown!

Step Two

It's your big day! Enjoy the ride, and I'll be there to capture it all. All your details will be worked out ahead of time, so you know exactly what to expect and when. You guys got all dolled up and worked so hard to create an incredible day, let me capture it all for you.

Step Three

Just 48 hours after your wedding I'll send you a sneak peek of some of my favourite images from your wedding. Then up to eight weeks later, you'll get the full album, delivered digitally, ready for sharing. From here I can walk you through the best options for bringing your images to life off the screen.

A traveller at heart...

Beyond elopement and wedding photography, I'm a traveller at heart. I took my first trip at just five weeks old and have been lucky to travel extensively through North America as a child. I took my first solo trip in 2013 to Greece after graduating from university and I haven't looked back.

Travelling is such a fun experience as a photographer. I'm always looking at how to take interesting photos or expand my skills in some way. My favourite place I've travelled to was the Galapagos Islands. It's an ecological paradise and I loved photographing all the species unique to the islands.

Follow along with my travels at My Wandering Voyage.