In the Before Times, wedding planning was quite the undertaking. Nailing down your guest list, finding a venue, and all the craziness that comes with nuptials. I get it! Weddings are celebrations, and it’s fun to have a big party, but it can seriously get expensive! With restrictions on weddings and gatherings in place, couples are opting for smaller ceremonies to tie the knot and keep their costs low. Enter: Micro-Weddings.

What are Micro Weddings?

According to BRIDES magazine, micro weddings are ceremonies with a guest list of under 50 people. Unlike elopements, micro-weddings are still planned events. (Elopements, while nowadays are more planned, they still have a spur-of-the-moment vibe to them.)

Micro weddings aren’t a new concept. They are also known as small weddings or intimate weddings, but in 2020, the trendy “micro wedding” started skyrocketing on Google Search. (I don’t know it might have something to do with that good ol’ Pandy Dandy.”

Why hold a Micro Weddings?

Holding a micro wedding still allows you to celebrate with your closest family and friends (and maybe you get to leave Great Aunt Marjorie off the list!), without sacrificing some of the endearing traditions that come with “normal” weddings. It also allows you to expand your search for amazing smaller venues that don’t cost a fortune. 

All in all, the total cost for micro weddings is significantly cheaper. The average cost of a traditional wedding in 2021 is $22,500 according to Business Insider. Micro weddings can cost less than half of a typical wedding. Meaning more savings for your honeymoon!

How to hold a micro wedding?

First, determine how many people you really need at your wedding. Can you get away with just a few family members and your closest friends? Next, find a venue that can accommodate that guest list. It might also be easier to find a venue you really love and size your guest list accordingly. It might help you make the decision to cut someone off the list.

Next figure out your food details. With a smaller guest list, you’ll be able to stretch your budget even further. You might even be able to have a fun additional item like a portable bar bus or a photo booth trailer!

When holding a micro wedding, you might not have a lively dance floor to lean on to keep the party going, so think of ways you want to create a memorable experience for your guests. 

Consider hiring a planner that specializes in elopements and micro weddings to handle all the finer details. Planning an event of any size can be a hassle, so why not let someone who knows the ropes and can navigate any issues take the reins fr your micro wedding?

Hiring a photographer for your Micro Wedding

Micro weddings tend to have a condensed timeline compared to a typical wedding, so make sure to talk to the wedding photographer you’re considering about coming up with a custom quote for your ceremony. 

Personally, at Wild Peach Photography, all quotes are custom based on the ceremony you’d like to have. All packages, including micro wedding photography, include:

  • Photography coverage based on your needs
  • Custom timeline planning for great images
  • Welcome questionnaires to get to know your wishes
  • Complimentary engagement session
  • Edited full resolution images delivered in an online gallery for easy sharing
  • Sneak peeks within 48 hours
  • Custom packages available

I may be biased, but photography is my favourite part of the whole marriage process (other than, you know, the getting married part), and so I would want to make sure every aspect of my special day was captured. 

A Micro Wedding at a flower farm

I’m so happy to be a part of my friends Christina and Adam’s nuptials held at Country Cut Flowers, a flower farm near Newmarket. This gorgeous micro wedding had only 18 guests. The traditional Catholic ceremony and mass were shortened to just 30 minutes and the family pitched in to provide food, set up the decor and make sure this wedding went off without a hitch.

While this was a smaller affair, the couple is hoping to host a larger gathering when it’s safe to do so, to celebrate their marriage.