What happens when a cow tries to eat your bouquet? At this boho field elopement in Woodstock, Ontario we find out exactly how fun and wild including animals in a photo shoot can be.

Toni and Josh are one glamorous couple. They married two years ago and have a lovely toddler. Not only did rock at making a simple field look like a luxurious boho field elopement, but they were naturals at showing how much they loved each other. 

I loved the little mobile photo booth, a gorgeous creation by Lens and Barrel Photo Booth, which really ties in that outdoorsy, whimsical feel to this elopement.

Boho field elopement meets Highland cows

The final part of the boho field elopement was to join the Highland Cows (my favourite cow!) in the field. These three adorable bovines were a little standoffish at first but then got bolder as the shoot went on. One cow decided that the bouquet was a tasty snack, despite being fake and sniffed to investigate. One of the other cows thought the lacey boho dress was good enough to nibble on. 

Thank you Toni and Josh for being such amazing sports and just flaunting their love in the most adoring way. I’m sure you’ll remember this shoot forever.

Workshop Host: The Golden Workshop

Models: Antonia and Josh

Venue: M&C Farm

Mobile Photo Booth: Lens and Barrel Photo Booth