Weather is always something you can't control when it comes to engagement sessions. When it comes to wacky weather, a little rain never hurt. The clouds always make for beautiful soft light, and it can be a little adventurous. That's why an engagement session at Killbear Provincial Park during a rainstorm turned out okay!

Melissa and Amber are the cutest couple ever. Melissa is one of my oldest friends and loves the outdoors. Killbear is one of her favourite parks, and I know how stunning it can be in the fall. Despite the threat of rain, Melissa, Amber and their dog Leo walked along the coastline, stopping at the famous windswept tree and had fun wandering around the park.

She also left me the sweetest review!!!

Olivia was incredible! We were nervous with photos and in an instant she made the session comfortable and exciting. She helped us relax and feel like we were at home with our best friend. She added some unique additions to the photoshoot to distract us from overthinking every move. Olivia made everything feel natural and we had the best time. By the end, we wanted to do more! Olivia's creativity continued to flow but she allowed us to incorporate our ideas and poses we had in mind.....even if some of them were bizarre.

When it comes to her photography and editing style, the colours and images are perfect. Looking at her photos makes you feel cozy and at home.

We highly recommend Olivia! Her style, her skill, her decision making, her friendliness, her warmth, and her talent are endless. You will be not disappointed!

Melissa & Amber

Having a little fun

Melissa and Amber are pretty funny people, and they had some hilarious ideas for photos they wanted to take. Being fans of Mountain Equipment Co-op, the two brought along MEC's throwback outfits and did some 80s-style posed photos just for fun! I said, "Why the heck not!" and we ended the session with some serious laughs.