If I had a nickel for every time someone told me they don’t know how to act in front of the camera, they don’t like getting their pictures taken, or think they look awful in photos, then I’d be rich. Sometimes it just helps to let go and trust in your photographer. These tips on how to feel more comfortable in front of the camera during your photography session will blow you away. 

Tip 1: What you’re feeling is totally normal

Nervousness is totally okay. I feel like there’s a deep-seated core memory of hating pictures because of picture day at school. Our parents would force us into nice outfits that we would try with all our might to not get dirty before our picture was taken. And every single time, the photos, with our awkward posing and forced smiles, turned out horribly. 

Getting your photos taken with a professional photographer is totally different! Think of it as a friend who’s there to capture a really special time in your life. Photographers will usually chat with you a bunch before even breaking out the camera.

Tip 2: Just let it out

I’m an extrovert, but I don’t even love getting my photo taken in front of other people. (I can’t keep a straight face to save my life.) Most of the time, where we shoot engagement photos are pretty private, just you two and me, so we can all be as silly or reserved as we want to be. 

Tip 3: Wear clothes that make you feel like you

I have this one outfit, a pair of baggy ripped jeans and a black t-shirt, that make me feel like the coolest kid on the block. I wear it anytime I want to feel my best. I tell all my clients, yes, these are special photos, but you want to look back on them and say, yes, that was totally me, and not like your mom forced you to dress nicely for picture day. Dress in whatever makes you feel like the awesome person you are. 

Tip 4: Embrace the PDA, but let the photographer know if you need a break

I’ve had couples who have no fear in front of the camera, and those that are a little hesitant to spread the public display of affection. If you’re one of the more shy couples, don’t be afraid to say that to your photographer. They will try out some non-PDA-friendly poses and work your way up to a place that’s more comfortable for you

Tip 5: Fake it

I never used to be this confident. I was always an extrovert, but confident I was not. It wasn’t until university where I really found my stride because I was just acting like I had more guts than I really did. Now I feel more comfortable meeting new people and trying my best to make them feel the same. 

Sometimes you just gotta throw caution to the wind and fake your confidence!

Tip 6: Keep moving!

I find that the awkwardness sets in when you stop moving and start posing! I always encourage my clients to just keep making movements, big and small. Like tucking hair behind your ear or your partner’s ear, swinging your arms out, walking around, etc. It feels and looks way more natural than standing for a pose. 

Tip 7: Make the session a date night. 

After your photography session, go reward yourselves with a date, go out to the movies, go out to dinner, etc. You get to look forward to something once the session is wrapped up and you can remember the day more fondly as a collective, than how awkward or uncomfortable you felt in front of the camera.

Workshop Host: The Golden Workshop

Models: Brit and Thomas

Venue: M&C Farm