You may or may not have seen but film is totally making a comeback in the photography industry. I believe it’s because film is timeless, unique and has a completely different vibe. When it comes to your wedding day, should you include film as an addition to your photography services? 

Film (or analog) photography has been around for more than 137 years, and 35 mm film used in most consumer film cameras has been around for over 100 years. Film was king in photography up until the introduction of DSLR in the late 80s/early 90s. 

It’s made a comeback over the last few years and has been popularized again for a number of photographers. 

Why I love shooting film

Film isn’t a new medium to me. I took a photography course at my high school, where we used film cameras and developed our own black and white film in the darkroom. (I’m still amazed that our high school even had a darkroom!)

That class was the building block for my life-long love of photography. It taught me about the exposure triangle, the mechanics of how photography works, and how to develop your own photos.

Of course, I was a teenager then and film photography was totally wasted on me because I wanted to use this snazzy new digital camera technology.

With film, you need to think about your lighting situation, the type of film you’re using, your composition and your focal distances before even raising the camera to your eye.

Film lets us slow down and enjoy the process of photography. It allows us to slow down, observe our surroundings and be open to what might make a good photograph.

It’s easy to forget sometimes that you’re creating art when you take a photo. You’re telling a story and stories need time to be formed.

So far this year I’ve shot more than 16 rolls of film and each one surprises and delights when I finally get the scans back.

Do you have to choose film or digital?

No, not at all. I shoot both film and digital, with a heavy focus on digital. I always shoot with a priority on capturing those moments on my DSLRs, rather than film. Because film is a slower process, I’ll bring out my film cameras during slower moments of the day, like the getting ready portion or during couples portraits. 

With film, the type of film and the camera used will affect the outcome. 

Can’t you just edit photos to look like film?

To an extent yes. Digital photos and Film photos are like two different mediums of art, one is acrylic paint, the other is oil paint. The outcome is similar, but also different. 

While digital images can be edited to look like film, nothing will take the place of actual film.

Here’s an example of an unedited digital and film side-by-side comparison:

Additionally, editing trends come and go. Whether you like bright and airy, moody, warm, true-to-life or any of the other edits that have come and gone, but the film look is timeless. 

Why you should choose film for your wedding or engagement

It’s an art form - this type of photography is a lasting memory. It offers a unique look and a special way to capture this moment in your lives. 

Film is a slower process. Each frame is important and you don’t want to rush through them. 

The rolls have limited exposures (24-36), so you can tell a short story in 36 frames.

It can capture the in-between moments. 

Want to include film for your wedding or engagement photos? Then let’s chat!

If all this sounds like something you would be into, then let’s chat about film. I offer a film addition to all couples' sessions and for select wedding sessions. 

This add-on starts at $250 and includes digital scans of the entire film roll plus 4x6 prints for you. Choose between colour or black and white professional-grade film.