Saying "I Do" on a beach at sunset?! Heck yes!

Is there any better place than a beach at sunset? Especially when that sunset might not have happened because of the rain?! I don't think so. But that's exactly how this Port Elgin Beach elopement went, and I was loving it!

Lauren and James are the sweetest couple you will ever meet; their smiles were infectious! They were originally going to get married in Greece, but thanks to the Pandy Dandy, those plans got cancelled. ⁠🥲

This Port Elgin beach elopement might not be Greece, but it's a close second!

Why the heck do I love photographing couples?

It's a question I ask myself a lot, and really, I love photographing love. ⁠The smiles, the winks, the touch of love between two people, between them and their families and their friends. ⁠

It might also be because I'm a hopeless romantic and I revel in hearing the stories of how two people find each other, how they overcome obstacles and be together.⁠

No matter the day (like a chilly drizzly October day on a beach), no matter the weather, I can't wait to photograph your special day.⁠

Also, I can guarantee that I will cry at your wedding. 

There's a line in one of my favourite movies that gets me every time...

And if you haven't seen Stardust, it's incredible. ⁠

"But when I see the way that mankind loves... You could search to the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything more beautiful."⁠

I'm a sucker for those epic, slow-burn love stories. And I want to make you feel like you two are the main characters in your own movie.

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