There’s no doubt that Ontario is a beautiful place! With its diverse landscapes of dense forests, steep cliffs, sandy beaches and turquoise waters, there are plenty of gorgeous scenic lookouts in Ontario where you can elope. 

There must be hundreds of beautiful lookouts all across this province, but I’m listing my 10 favourites and why I think they would make a great place to exchange your vows to the love of your life. 

Note: I’m also a travel blogger and wrote about my favourite scenic lookouts in Ontario, which include many on this list and much more. You can read on

Scenic Lookouts in Ontario where you can elope

In this list, I'll talk about how to get to the location, ease of access and any other considerations you’ll need to take into account to elope at these scenic lookouts. 

Those of you who want to do something less traditional on their wedding day should definitely consider these scenic lookouts in Ontario where you can elope.

Thunder Bay Lookout

Location: Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Ease of Access: Moderate

Details: The Thunder Bay Lookout is a small but stunning lookout over Lake Superior at the top of some of the highest cliffs in Ontario. While the lookout is easy to get to, as it’s just a few metres from the parking area, getting up to the lookout is a bit of a challenge. It’s a 9km rough dirt road, with a lot of potholes and rough stones. Plus it’s a bit secluded, which is a pro and con.

If you want to elope here, I suggest taking your couples portraits all over Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, even at the campground, which has a lovely view over the Sleeping Giant rock formation.

Top of the Giant Trail

Location: Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Ease of Access: Strenuous

Details: This 23km trail to the Top of the Giant in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is one of the hardest trails I’ve done. Not necessarily because of the extreme elevation gain, but because of the 8km long stretch of boring nothing trail. 

But once you get to the top, the views are spectacular. Like I mean, out of this world amazing. I could only imagine how amazing this place would be for two adventurous souls to exchange their vows with this backdrop. 

One consideration though is that because it is difficult to get to, you may have issues with some vendors!

Lookout Trail, Algonquin

Location: Algonquin Provincial Park

Ease of Access: Moderate

Details: The Lookout Trail is fairly easy in my opinion, especially if you’re an avid hiker. It’s mostly uphill to get there, but it’s not very long, only about a kilometre to the actual viewpoint, which looks over the gorgeous expanse of Algonquin wilderness. It is a popular trail, especially during the fall. 

The viewpoint is quite a large area, so you should be able to have a corner to yourselves for your elopement ceremony. The surrounding area is gorgeous too, so you’ll have plenty of places where you can take incredible photos.

The Crack

Location: Killarney Provincial Park

Ease of Access: Difficult

Details: The trail to get to the Crack on the La Cloche Silhouette Trail in Killarney Provincial Park is just under 4 kilometres. Most of the way is fairly easy, with lots of incredible viewpoints along the way. The last few hundred metres is where the going gets tougher and you have to scramble over boulders to make your way up the crack. 

Once up there, the view is incredible. Whether you want to do a sunrise or sunset ceremony, you won’t be disappointed.

Elliot Lake Fire Tower

Location: Elliot Lake

Ease of Access: Easy

Details: The Elliot Lake Fire Tower is probably the easiest scenic lookout in Ontario to get to, as you can literally drive right up to it. The cute red and white cupola makes for a great spot for an elopement ceremony and there are lots of beautiful places nearby to take beautiful photos. 

Because of its ease of access, this location is great if you want to bring a couple of people to witness your nuptials.

Manito Miikana

Location: Pukaskwa National Park

Ease of Access: Difficult

Details: I’ll let you in on a little secret, and that is Pukaskwa National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Ontario. It’s also one of the most remote. This national park is actually one of the least visited on the eastern side of Canada. But that makes me love it even more. The Manito Miikana, “Spirit Trail,” is a 2km extension to the Beach Trail in the National Park. It's a moderate trail, but there are two amazing viewpoints with a platform that would make for a spectacular setting for an elopement ceremony. 

Because Pukaskwa is so remote, it would be easiest to camp here for your elopement, however, they do not take reservations for their campground, it’s first come first serve. However, you can rent an oTentik, Parks Canada’s off-the-grid yurt.

Temagami Fire Tower

Location: Temagami

Ease of Access: Moderate

Details: Getting to the Temagami Fire Tower is pretty easy, but there is a short hike, and if you want to say your vows at the top of the very small fire tower, it’s a bit of a climb to the top. However, the views of the Temagami wilderness are amazing and would make a lovely backdrop to your elopement. 

The fire tower is privately run, so you would have to inquire with the folk who run it if they can accommodate a small ceremony. There are some beautiful lakes and trails nearby for some epic couple portraits once you’re wed!

Devil’s Rock

Location: Haileybury

Ease of Access: Moderate

Details: The trail to Devil’s Rock lookout over the Temiskaming Shores isn’t long, but it’s very rocky. Once you get to the viewpoint, there’s lots of space here for an elopement ceremony overlooking Lake Temiskaming and over the border into Quebec. 

Two considerations if you want to elope at Devil’s Rock. First, there's not a ton of parking at the trailhead. Second, the viewpoint and some nice views of the forest are really all that’s offered here. I would suggest booking a cozy cabin to make your day even that much more special.

Old Baldy Conservation Area

Location: Grey County

Ease of Access: Easy

Details: If you’re a fan of Schitt’s Creek, then Old Baldy Conservation Area is where Patrick proposed to David. The views of the surrounding Beaver Valley are breathtaking and you can’t beat that old Niagara Escarpment rock formations. The trail to get into the viewpoint is fairly easy and there are some awesome spots for photos after your ceremony. 

I would suggest eating at one of the cute restaurants in the town of Kimberly for your reception or booking an adorable cabin nearby.

Photo by lezumbalaberenjena (Flickr commons)

Eagles Nest Lookout

Location: Calabogie

Ease of Access: Moderate

Details: Eagle’s Nest Lookout is a stunning place to say your “I dos.” This lookout is at the end of a 2.7km trail and is nearby to the Calabogie Peaks Resort. One consideration is that this is a popular trail. But, the lookout faces west, so you’ll get a spectacular sunset!

If you want to take an elopement at Eagles Nest Lookout to the next level, book a cabin at the nearby Cabinscape off-the-grid tiny home for your first night as newlyweds!