Your wedding story matters - don't let your photos stay hidden on a hard drive

In the months and weeks leading up to your wedding, it’s hard to think about afterwards. What comes next? Planning a life together and enjoying your moments I’m sure are top of the list.

How do you want to look back and remember this chapter in your love story? How do you want your day to be remembered by loved ones, now and for generations to come?

Albums are heirlooms - lasting moments of an incredible time in your life. Technology changes so rapidly (I mean, who else used floppy disks in school?!) and while digital albums are great for sharing online, there’s something so special about holding your album in your hands. My grandmother’s wedding album is over 70 years old and she still cherishes it to this day!

I remember when a family friend had shown us her son’s wedding album. He had only recently gotten married the year before, but she held onto the album tightly and she burst into tears as she flipped through the pages. She said it was the perfect gift.

So whether you want to create an album for yourself or gift it to loved ones, a fine art photobook album is more than just a collection of images, it is a storybook that allows you to relive these special moments for years to come.

Re-live your wedding day over and over again

This isn't just an album, it's a time machine for your Wedding day! Imagine bringing it out on milestones like anniversaries and birthdays. Imagine giving these as gifts to your loved ones. Imagine, on a slow Sunday morning, enjoying a cup of coffee and opening your wedding album and soaking in all the warmth and love from your special day.

Hold your wedding day in your hands

Because your story is worth investing in

Remembering your day for years to come

I lost my grandfather when I was pretty young, so I don’t have too many memories of him. However, I am very close to my grandmother and I love going through her wedding album with her. These photos, now over 70 years old, still bring back crystal clear memories for her about her day. Despite being black and white prints, she remembers the colour of everyone’s dresses, the moments before and after a photo was taken, what the venue looked like, and that Gramps was shaking like a leaf during the ceremony. 

All these years later, these photos still hold such magic. This is why I recommend to all my couples that you get a few photos printed or, even better, print an album that tells the story of your day. Having worked in the photography industry for over a decade, I can tell you that holding an image in your hands rather than on a screen will never get old.

Life can get pretty hectic after your wedding day, so I want to make it as easy as possible for you. For albums, I can help design and create a stunning work of art that I’m sure will grace your bookshelves for generations. I work with an incredible printer that has the highest standard of quality when it comes to its products. There are so many amazing options when designing an album, so I’ll walk you through the entire process so that you are confident with every decision.

Doing it yourself can be overwhelming

You've made a ton of tiny decisions to create your wedding day to be perfect. While you could spend a ton of time working on an album yourself, looking to find the best quality printers, flipping through the hundreds of photos in your gallery, and fine-tune layouts and spreads. You could do that all yourself...


Save time by letting me take this off your hands.

Let me build you a hand-crafted wedding album that you can be proud of and that will last for generations.

What are the albums like?

Layflat pages with big spreads

What's the perfect size for an album? Well, 35 spreads (that's 70 pages!) seem to be the perfect fit for telling your wedding day story.

Smaller albums for more intimate events are available with 25 or 15 spreads.

All spreads are on thick pages (like 0.5mm thick!) that lay completely flat, so you can get BIG impact on your favourite photos.

Multiple Sizes for all occasions

Choose from three sizes: 8x10, 10x10 or 9x12.

Make your wedding albums as unique as your wedding day. There are endless ways to customize your album. Select luxurious book cloth from 24 different shades, or from 10 shades of soft full-grain leather.

Choose your binding style, debossing design, and your debossing colour to make it completely custom.

Fine art paper with archival inks

You'll notice the difference with these albums, each spread is printed on fine art paper using archival inks that are rated to last generations without discolouring, yellowing or fading.

The rich colours will stand out on the Coated Matte Finish, which adds a level of protection while still retaining the matte look of the fine art paper.



Full Wrap

Your cover material, book cloth or leather, wrapped fully around your album with a high quality and crisp binding.


A unique antique journal cover style with an additional “flap” and a wrap-around tie. Note: Messenger style only available in full-grain leathers

Personalized Cover Debossing

Debossing is a great way to put your stamp onto your wedding album. There are several options to choose from including a simple yet bold text design, three botanical wreath options, a celestial design, a classic text design, rustic coordinates design, a vintage lantern design, a group of pines design, a signature design, a tree rings design and a windswept tree design reminiscent of Georgian Bay. A 5-inch cover debossing is included in your album, plus an additional spine debossing that includes the location and date of your wedding.

2023 Album Pricing

Every Album includes:

Design from start to finish: You tell me some of your must-have images and I'll do the rest! I'll design your entire album from cover to cover so that it reads like a storybook.

Two rounds of edits: Want to include a photo or two of your engagement session? Want to flip a layout? Want to tweak your spine debossing? You got it! You've got two rounds of edits before photos are sent to the printer.

Choose between 15, 25 or 35 spreads: If you're leaning towards a small with just your favourites, choose the 15-spread (30 pages) option. If you'd like to include up to 170 images from your wedding gallery, then choose the 35-spread (70 pages) option.

Choose your cover material and binding: Choose between 24 book cloth options or 10 full-grain leather options for your album. Choose between a full wrap or messenger-style binding. (note: Messenger style is only available in full-grain leather)

Deboss it: Select from one of eight debossing options in seven colours. You can also choose to have a spine debossing with your wedding date.

Keepsake box: Your album will be packaged in an album box, with instructions on how to care for it to make it last for generations.

Epic 9x12 album

Large impact album with big, stunning photo spreads.


  • 9x12 custom, handcrafted album
  • Your choice of leather or book cloth
  • Unique slipcase in leather or book cloth with debossing
  • 35 spreads (that's 70 pages!)
  • 0.5mm thick pages
  • coated matte pages for lasting quality
  • archival inks and museum-grade printing
  • seamless, lay-flat spreads
  • 5in. cover debossing


Classic 10x10 album

Perfect size to live on your coffee table.


  • 10x10 custom, handcrafted album
  • Your choice of book cloth or messenger
  • 25 spreads (50 pages)
  • 0.5mm thick pages
  • coated matte pages for lasting quality
  • archival inks and museum-grade printing
  • seamless, lay-flat spreads
  • 5in. cover debossing


Intimate 8x10 album

Perfect for living on a bookshelf or side table.


  • 8x10 custom, handcrafted album
  • Your choice of book cloth
  • 15 spreads (30 pages)
  • 0.5mm thick pages
  • coated matte pages for lasting quality
  • archival inks and museum-grade printing
  • seamless, lay-flat spreads
  • 5in. cover debossing


Check out what your album could look like:

Duplicate Album Pricing

Looking for a second album to give to loved ones. All duplicate albums are 30% off. Album design and debossing must be identical to the “first album” design.

Ready to order? Let's do this!

  1. Fill out the inquiry form below. This gives me an idea of what you're looking for, but don't fret, nothing is set in stone just yet!
  2. We'll set up a time to talk through the options and pick what your custom album will look like including what photos you would like to include. (Pro tip: use the favourite button on your online wedding gallery to make the process even easier!)
  3. Make an initial payment of $500, which will be applied to the total balance of the album(s) that you choose. I go off and design your album and send you the first proof.
  4. You have a full 60 days to finalize your album design, including cover and debossing options. Half of the remaining payment is due at album approval.
  5. After the album is approved by you, it's sent off to the printer. I'll receive it first so that I can quality-check every single page. The final payment is due at this stage.
  6. Once you’ve made your full payment, we’ll get your album(s) printed and you’ll have them in your hands within 6 weeks (barring any shipping complications)


How does the design process work?

First, you fill out the album inquiry form above that gives me an idea of what you're looking for. Next, we meet to discuss options for spreads, cover materials and debossing, plus any must-have photos you want in the album. After the initial payment has been made, you have 60 days to finalize the designs. You'll have two rounds of design revisions to perfect your album. Then you'll sign off on the final version with the final cover design.

How long until I have my album in hand?

From the date you pay the initial payment for my album service, we will work together for up to 60 days perfecting your album. After final payment has been made you should have your album within six weeks (barring any complications from shipping delays due to holidays or COVID-19)

Are payment plans available?

The initial album service payment of $300 is put towards the balance of your final amount.

Half of the invoice must be paid before the album is sent to the printers. The other half is due before the album is shipped to you. We can absolutely work on a payment plan between the initial and last payment dates.

Looking for other types of prints?

You can order these prints directly from your online Wedding Gallery!

Matted Prints

8x10 Matted Print

(window sizes: 4x6, 5x7, 6x8)


11x14 Matted Print

(window sizes: 4x6, 5x7, 6x8)


(Minimum order of 5. Can mix and match photos and window sizes)

Fine Art Prints

4x6 print

straight edge: $10 | Hand torn: $14

5x7 print

straight edge: $12 | Hand torn: $16

8x10 print

straight edge: $20 | Hand torn: $24

11x14 print

straight edge: $28 | Hand torn: $32

(Minimum order of 6.)